Neural Network VS Algorithm

Neural networks are pretty amazing and now you can just have one run right in your browser with brain.js.  I wanted to learn about this whole neural network thing, so I decided to see how accurately I could get a neural network to replicate a fairly complex algorithm.

Side Project Retrospective: Truth Decay

I made this site for my friend Saul for his brilliant art project “Truth Decay”. A combination of photography, videography, modeling, and sculpture/fashion design, I was really psyched to get to do the website for the project. Also, Saul said he would make me a painting as payment, so I also did it for a painting (you still owe me Saul <3).

AngularJS + WordPress Part 1: WordPress REST API

Wordpress on it’s own does not have an API, something I find a bit strange. Luckily for us, a plugin has already solved this problem for us.
We customize the plugin to only return the fields we want, and cover pagination.