Ionic 3 Beta Available Now

The Ionic 3 beta with Angular 4 built in is available now! It’s still a work in progress though, lazy loading is broken on Windows and it seems is in flux altogether. This is still an early beta, so it’s not surprising it’s not quite working yet, I’ll continue to update this post as the beta stabilizes over time.

One Ionic 2 App with All Layouts, Blank, Menu, and Tabs

This tutorials really just extends this article on showing and hiding the menu. Here we go one step further and start with a ‘Blank’ layout, adding just two buttons to let the user launch into either a tab or menu layout. A “back to base” button is added to to each child layout for quick navigation back […]

Ionic Tip: Quickly restyle the Cordova In App Browser Plugin

Skip my rambly intro and go right to the solution Intro I just ran into an issue with the Cordova In App Browser plugin today. A client wanted to of course keep the user within their “app experience” while still showing external links, so of course I installed and used the cordova in app browser […]

Code Day Summer 2016: Voice driven web apps

Hey CodeDayers, this time my workshop is on voice driven web apps.  This might sound complicated, but thanks to Google’s speech recognition and voice synthesis software it’s actually really easy!  We’ll be building a knock knock joke app that both talks and listens for your response.  Check it out here: knock knock app You will need […]